Nutritional Fertility Program

Here at Natural Healing Therapies we know that fertility is possible through purification, nutrition and proper supplementation. Its also the same for endometriosis, interstitial cystitis and numerous other female issues Before you give up, or give away body parts you may need later, explore all your options! Please call (951)-775-6714 to get started on your program today and become the next testimonial to your goals of health and happiness!

Growing up I always had a love for my Dollies and playing "house." Being a mom was built in me, and so was the fear that I would never be one. Suddenly, that fear started to become my reality. My husband and I suffered through 4 miscarriages within 3 years. Each one would go a little farther than the one before, adding more and more anxiety and heartache to each pregnancy. By our third I decided to try Dr. Mac's program, thinking at the very least I would at least feel better in getting myself healthier. It wasn't long into the program that we became pregnant, again. However, at 7.5 weeks my body rejected another one of our special babies. Dr.Mac kicked up my program to include some heavy metal detoxes and cleanses and I began really watching what I was eating; avoiding dairy, caffeine, and gluten. In addition to Dr.Mac's program, I began seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. In my work up, it became evident that I had an autoimmune thyroid disorder called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. This was the only thing that came up in all my blood tests and was also highly likely to have caused all of our miscarriages. Finally, I had an answer and Dr.Mac had a focus on what was going on and better than that, it could easily be fixed. It took a while to get my thyroid levels balanced, but within 8-9 months we were pregnant again! Sure, my anxiety levels were through the roof, especially in my first trimester...however, I was able to carry our sweet baby girl to term! I had a very easy, healthy, and uneventful pregnancy, and a very quick 4 hour labor. I know I owe a lot of our success to Dr.Mac! Her knowledge in OB/GYN, her program and supplements, and the way the human body works is truly amazing. She also was so supportive and offered such encouraging words when times got tough that she quickly became a friend of mine and my family. I am so fortunate that my fear DIDN'T become my reality and I had Dr.Mac's help to have this success story. I would encourage anyone having fertility issues to give her program a try, and to really be ready to strictly follow her plan...especially before trying a more drastic approach like IVF, IUI's, and other methods. Thank you Dr.Mac for helping us conceive our beautiful baby girl and for all your support along the way! Our life is now complete!