Meet Dr. Lara 

Dr. Lara is a Registered Nurse who also holds a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and has earned numerous awards in business leadership, women empowerment in the workplace, motivational speaking and has been a health consultant for over 20 years. Dr. Lara is also certified in NRT (Nutrition Response Testing). She believes this is one, if not the best, tools out there for analyzing illness in the body and then treating the illness with whole food nutrition, high grade supplementation, and some life-style changes. 

When Dr. Lara was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 13 years ago, she realized from all her years as a nurse that there wasn't many choices she had that would cure her. Although Dr. Lara was self-taught and highly educated in all sides of medicine including; Herbology, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Detoxification and self-awareness, she continued to pursue her degree in Natural Medicine. As Dr. Lara states, "If the answers to very important health questions don't make sense, then seek out the answers that do." She wasn't willing to gamble with her health on something that wasn't logical, or was based on inconclusive studies. Thus evolved - (as Dr. Lara likes to refer to it as "her life's most important work"), Natural Healing Therapies.

She believes that getting to the young adults and children is vital because they were born into a world that was unfortunately very toxic and if not helped, the toxic overload can mean a lifetime of sickness if not treated early on. Even though Dr. Lara reaches out and helps patients of all ages, there are some who will unfortunately not qualify for her program. She tries to see patients before they reach the point of what she refers to as "Medical Wreckage" (too many surgeries, too many prescription drugs, and too embedded in old ways of thinking).