Premium Plan

Our most inclusive program to find imbalances in your body is a combination of Nutrition Response Testing, Purification, Wholefood Supplementation and Detoxification. It includes before and after evaluations through; NRT, Live Blood Analysis, Heart Rate Variability Testing, UA's, Oxidative Stress Testing and choice detox programs for Colon, Parasite, and Heavy Metals based on patient findings.

Other than listed above, this program also includes 13 office visits and use of all detoxification tools. (Infrared Sauna, Foot Detox, Lymphatic Drainage, Parasite Zapper.)

​Standard Plan

Our 12 week program, which includes NRT (Nutritional Response Testing) individualized nutritional plans, wholefood supplementation, nutritional guidance, UA's and Oxidative Stress Testing. This program will also find all weaknesses in your body and will be directed to correcting those imbalances.



Individualized Plan: 

This just allows our clients to pick and choose therapies we offer as wanted or needed. Rate sheet available in office. 

Includes unlimited infrared sauna use, 4 foot detoxes monthly, unlimited free use of our conditioning room, which includes, but is not limited to; light weights, full body workout and rebounders daily. With this program there will be 10-15% off all detox and weight-loss supplements. This program also includes before and after pictures.