​My name is Jodi Hecht, I am 57 years old. I have always been athletic and very physical. 8 years ago, I was told I had a "hyper-thyroid." They had to kill my thyroid. I had no energy at all after that. The weight kept creeping up on me. My job is very physical, a custodian for a high school and I went to the gym 5 days a week. Personal training, nothing could keep this weight from slowly creeping up. 

7 month's ago, I decided to give Dr. Lara a try. I weighed 188 when I started with her. She had me start eating clean, which I was already doing a lot and added supplements to my diet. I swear after 3 days of taking the supplements my energy was off the hook. I felt like I did when I was in college. In keeping up with this program, my severe asthma is gone. I have lost from 188 to 171. Wen't from a size 16 to 12. I can't say enough about Dr. Lara! She was my life saver. 



Thank you Dr. Lara for all the support for my well being and greatly improved health. Since meeting you and following your programs I have become a much healthier person. My weight loss has been totally wonderful. Your support and time has been greatly appreciated. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you so much for all your health.


Pamela B.

Sandy, F.

​I travel all over the world and was well aware that I probably had parasites. When I went to see Lara, she discovered that I did and gave me some herbal remedies as well as a parasite treatment. I actually saw them as they released out of my body. I feel so much better, and now I know what to do to prevent and also treat them! I also can't say enough about the great experience I had at the R-Aston retreat! Thank you Dr.Lara!

Amrit, K.

I have been under the care of Dr. Lara for 6 weeks now, and I can honestly say that I have felt the best I ever have in over 5 years! I have been in the health industry for the last 25 years, and the effects of this treatment have truly been life changing for me in the best way!


Former skeptic! A particularly bothersome skin rash/sensitivity took me to Dr. Lara at Natural Healing Therapies after Western medicine failed me.   She used a whole body approach and prescribed a diet change (fewer processed foods) and a number of supplements.  Not only did the skin rash and skin sensitivity disappear, but also I experienced a number of other positive changes: my hair got thicker and fuller, my eyelashes began to grow again, my fragile skin became stronger (paper cuts no longer bled profusely), and my overall health improved.  She continues to monitor my progress and make adjustments as needed.  I was a skeptic but I cannot argue with positive results! 


I met Dr. Lara the same day I discovered I had breast cancer. She was recommended by Jana Pratt, Physician’s Assistant, whose opinion concerning women’s health issues I dearly respect. The diagnosis was a shock to me and I was overwhelmed with what I didn’t know about cancer and wasn’t sure how to proceed. Dr. Lara had experienced a similar condition and she helped me to embrace this challenge without the traditional AMA “standard care” procedures usually following surgery—radiation, chemo and anti-hormone therapies. I believe Dr. Lara is a complex bundle of profound healing knowledge, intuition, grace, guidance and care. She gave me specific books to read and a CD by Bill (I can’t remember his last name) who analyzed the progression of cancer in an understandable way that actually made sense to me. She gave me books to read that detailed alternative approaches to treating cancer (which are more about common sense when I think about it). She muscle tested me and my responses to possible problems with pesticides, chemicals, hormones, etc.) and suggested several supplements, each specifically designed to be part of the healing regime (for an improved immune body). About a month later, I had the lump in my breast removed surgically. I turned down the recommended chemo, radiation and anti-hormone therapies because of information shared with me. I developed a new attitude about cancer; it became my teacher. I also had to give up sugar, diet cokes, and hormone replacement therapy. None of it was easy for me with my stressful life but working with Dr. Lara and her staff was/is a remarkable experience. I felt supported and that seemed to be the most important “medicine” for me.
Now, six months later, I feel like I’m in good shape! I work full-time as a teacher and spend one day each week-end giving massages, which is a healing modality I love to exercise both for myself and others. I have changed several habits that were creating dis-ease in my body and spirit. I stopped drinking 5-6 diet cokes a day and not getting enough sleep. I meditate more often and spend more time with the people I love. My priorities have shifted into a place where I choose to live every day as if it is the only one I have. No matter what comes my way now, I am supported and can steer myself to the best health possible.

Kindest regards,
Elizabeth B.


"My name is Riki…and this is my story. 
I started seeing Dr. Lara in March 2015.  I was taking numerous prescriptions per day.  I was a sugar addict even though I am diabetic. I ate, but I was not properly fueling my body.  I think I have tried every diet out there.  I couldn’t exercise due to chronic pain and fatigue. 

Everyone was skeptical that I couldn’t make a change.  I looked at my new life as a baby steps. 
I started the body detox and cleanse with Dr. Lara on March 22, 2015.  I have followed it and I live it.  To this day, I have lost 28.4 lbs.  I no longer live with chronic pain or fatigue. I have been taken off of two medications, and two others I have had to cut the dose in half.  If I continue to follow my program (very easy to do) I will reach my goal weight and have a healthy body. Live clean people. It is amazing what you can do by just eating right.  Get rid of all the preserved food and all the sugar.  I don’t even miss it.   Processed food and sugary foods don’t even taste good any more.  Live life.  See Lara!!!"


I am so thankful to have the opportunity to know Dr. Lara as a friend and a Doctor of Natural Healing! Since starting my program approximately 5 months ago, I feel the best ever! It's amazing how your body craves better nutrition! I have more energy and clarity. Also, I can't live without my supplements.Thanks so much for your guidance and knowledge!

R. Von

When I first went to Dr. Lara I was on numerous prescription drugs, including morphine for pain. My medical doctor told me I would never get off of these meds and would be on them for the rest of my life... I had a major Craniotomy and wasn't expected to make it through surgery. After just 2 months of switching to Dr. Lara, I was off all of my medications that I had been on for years! Dr. Lara gave me a nutritional eating plan to follow and very supportive herbal and whole food supplements that made the transfer off the medications less stressful on me and my body. She seems so knowledgeable about which supplements her patients need to be on and I am forever grateful to her for giving me my quality of life back!


ELIZABETH B. (2019 Update)

​I don’t know if you can be reached at this number, but if so, I just found out from mammogram that I am still cancer free after 4 years thanks to you! Thank you for your brilliance! Elizabeth, I love you Lara. Keep up this important and necessary work! You’re in my prayers!



I have struggled with fatigue, obesity and yo-yo dieting and high blood pressure for over 25 years.  I was put on three blood pressure medications.  They all made me feel awful.  
My yearly checkups and blood work showed that I was healthy, except for the hbp and obesity, funny that they used the word ‘healthy’ eh?
I joined a woman’s gym and lost almost 30 lbs, then came to a screeching halt.  Frustrating as I was over 280 lbs still.  I decided to go to a personal trainer and see if I could have a greater success with that.  I did, a little.  I stayed on her exercise/food plan at least at 90% with a small amount of success.  I did feel stronger and I did get off of two of my BP medications.  So that is success, right?
I then joined another gym and did boot camp style workouts, sometimes 2x a day, 5 days a week, kept eating ‘clean’.  (just so that you don’t think I stayed perfect; I didn’t....I would occasionally go off of everything, but always got right back at it).  I could see myself physically aging and my energy was not there.  During that summer of boot camps I lost only 5-7 lbs, fluctuating.  
In the fall of 2014, I stumbled across an ad for Dr. Lara in a local Redding magazine.  The description of her practice sounded exactly what I was looking for!!  I made an appointment, she tested me to determine what my nutritional needs were and started me on a supplement program for me specifically and took me off that boot camp style exercise.  I went from eating 5-6 small meals and snacks, per the personal trainer’s guidance previously, to an eating program to suit my needs, including NO snacking!  Completely the opposite of what I was doing.   Within 10 months, I losts 34 lbs and got off my last blood pressure medicine and I had a LOT more energy.
I have maintained that loss and have basically coasted the last 2 months, but my eating habits have become lifestyle habits.  
My next goal is to become more physically fit, get more weight off, and I know with Dr Lara’s guidance, I will get the information and help I will need to do that.
I totally recommend Dr. Lara; she has changed my health and my husband’s as well (that is another amazing story) all with learning how to give our bodies what they need.

Karin E.