The R-Aston Retreat

Dr. Lara developed this retreat after numerous years of planning and creating in her head; the perfect environment for cleansing, healing, getting fit and regaining strength and vitality in one’s life. Once Dr. Lara feels her patients are healthy and strong enough after following their individually designed nutritional program (for whatever period of time it takes them to get there), she recommends for them to spend time at the retreat (


Live Blood cell Analysis

We offer a live and dried blood observation and discussion that allows us to view your blood at a microscopic level. This will give us an opportunity to identify nutritional issues and we can adjust your program to restore those deficiencies.

nrt (nutrition response testing)

NRT is a non-invasive and accurate procedure that guides us in locating weak areas in the body. Once we locate those weak areas we then start to offer the nourishment that your own bodies will tell us it needs.

Heart Rate Variability testing

A strap is placed around the chest that monitors 448 heartbeats; the first half lying down on your back, and the second half standing. The machine measures the intervals between each heartbeat. Heart Rate Variability is well researched and provides a quick and easy assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System function.

Foot detoxification

Foot detoxing is a way to draw impurities and toxins out of your body through your feet. This is an ancient concept that has been used by the Japanese and many other Asian countries for centuries. The very warm water causes feet to sweat and then toxins begin to release during this 30 minute treatment. Having regular foot detoxes will restore good health and a feeling of well being!


​Once we identify your level of toxicity, we can place you on the proper detox program to restore and strengthen all the organs that have been weakened from Heavy Metals, Parasites, Chemical, Environmental Toxins and Food Allergens.