At Natural Healing Therapies we believe that almost all illness regardless of severity can be reversed; just not overnight. In our clinic, we use a very accurate, non-invasive tool to analyze the underlying causes of illness; and then we start addressing the issues layer by layer. Once we have addressed the issue/issues, we arrive at a place I like to call "MP", Maintenance & Prevention.

What people need to realize, is the reason they are ill is because of poor choices they have made in their life and also from all the environmental toxins that are almost impossible to escape. Illness didn't happen overnight and it's not going to fix itself in a day, a week, a month or even years. Everyone is unique and they are all at different stages of illness. Although genetics plays a key role in one's health, that doesn't mean they can take that for granted. Everyone is exposed to toxins, the air, the soil, the water, the environment, even infants come into the world already toxic.

What are the solutions for healing? Your body will heal itself given the right environment and nutrients; we just assist in guiding you to the right program of nutritional eating, whole food supplementation, and once the body becomes strong we start detoxification. There are numerous ways to detox and people attempt to do it on their own, pick the wrong products/treatments, approach it unsupervised and often end up feeling worse than when they started the process. It should always be supervised and monitored!

Unfortunately we cannot take everyone as a patient. We will not take anyone's payments or waste anyone's time (not ours or yours), if you don't qualify for our program. We know it works- but only with patient willingness and compliance.

We offer very few treatments but the ones we offer play a significant role in healing the body. Those therapies are simply nutrition, whole food supplementation, therapeutic massage, and detoxification. Weight loss is one of the many benefits from following the program we design for you.

- Dr. Lara PhD and Staff